Cookie Policy

This website uses cookies and similar technologies to guarantee proper functioning of the procedures and to improve the experience of use of online applications. The document herein provides information about the use of cookies and similar technologies, on how same are employed by and on how to manage them.

Types of cookies

Based on the particular features and on the use of cookies we distinguish several categories:

1. Absolutely necessary cookies.

Same are the cookies that are indispensable for the proper operation of the sites and are used to manage login and access to the functions reserved to the site. The lifetime of these cookies is limited to the work session only (upon closing of the browser, they are cancelled).

2. Cookies for analyses and performances.

These cookies are used to gather and analyze the traffic and use of the site in an anonymous manner. These cookies allow, though without identifying the user, to detect, for example, if the same user returns to connect in different moments. They allow, moreover, to monitor the system and to improve performance and usability. These cookies can be disconnected without any risk of impairing the functionality.

3. Profiling cookies.

These are permanent cookies used to identify (both anonymously and non) the preferences of the user and to improve his navigation experience.