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Scalinatella - Recanati, Persiani Theatre 8 dicembre 2018

Last weekend the concert that Effetto Luce wanted to give its guest as a Christmas wish was held at Persiani theatre in Recanati; the show was staged by the ensemble “La Compagnia” in cooperation with Musicultura.

All the staff of Effetto Luce greeted the guests at the end of the show during a  convivial gathering in the foyer and under the portico of the theatre, to end the evening friendly.

The show, created by Piero Cesanelli (artistic director of Musicultura) and entitled “Scalinatella”, proposed an emotional journey through the Neapolitan music, a genre that contaminates both artists and audience; it was a path highlighting the changes of the musical composing of this great population of artists. The show went from the villanellas of XVII century  to the first tarantellas, then to nowadays both classical song and  rock blues, covering the big themes: Naples, America and the job search, love, underworld, lost innocence.

On the stage musicians, actors and narrator alternated, that entertained the guests coming from all over Italy.

Effetto Luce's lighting design at MAXXI in Rome

Effetto Luce keeps on illuminating art, and does it with the photographs of Paolo Pellegrin, now exhibited in Rome in the space of MAXXI, the XXI Century arts national museum, a prestigious international centre for contemporary art and architecture.

The temporary exhibition “Un’antologia” is the result of two years of intense work on the Roman photographer’s archive. It features more than 150 images, many of which are unpublished, alongside some video footage, and looks back over twenty years of his career, from 1998 to 2017.

The exhibition narrative unfolds between two polar opposites, light and dark, metaphors for the most extreme manifestations of existence encountered by Pellegrin, winner of ten World Press Photo Awards an many other prestigious prizes all over the world, over the years.

The account of human beings, sunk into darkness, is countered by a sudden immersion in a luminous environment, in a light that seems to be sublimated in the white ice of Antarctica.

The two exhibition sections are linked by a passageway that ptojects the visitor into the “making of” Pellegrin’s visual research: drawings, sketchbooks, notes, photographs and small portfolios illustrate the complexity of a creative process based primarily upon research, knowledge and preparation.

The exhibition can be visited until 10th March 2019.

This is a collaboration with Chiara Pellegrin, Sergio Bianchi, Annalisa D’Angelo, Valeria Menculini, Roberto Ruggeri, Simone Fracasso and Vincenzo Labellarte.

Thanks to Carolina Profilo, Simona Antonacci, Silvia La Pergola, Paola Mastracci and all the staff of Museum MAXXI.

Effetto Luce for the Truffle Museum

Effetto Luce makes a new experience, illuminating the Truffle Museum in Acqualagna.

It is a collaboration with Alessandra Panzini – Studio Marchingegno.