Heavenly lightness. Classic veins and modern hints in a grand villa with views of the sea

QUIN Quaderno di interni – January, February 2019 No.. 30

Extract from the article “Heavenly lightness. Classic veins and modern hints in a grand villa with views of the sea”

[…] All the different types of lighting provide products equipped with dimmable LED light source. For the indoor areas there are recessed and half-recessed lighting fixtures and special decorative lamps, made from items provided by the client. In the grand garden there are different lighting effects integrated: grazing light for driveways, moonlight effect for passageways, uplight to enhance some trees, freestanding lanterns in corten. […]

Effetto Luce's best wishes at Persiani Theatre in Recanati

Il Resto del Carlino – 13 December 2018

Effetto Luce celebrates with a show on stage

Persiani theatre was sold out some days ago, for the show organized by Effetto Luce; his owner, Vanni Elisei living in Recanati, wanted to wish his employees “who everyday, with their work and passion, contribute to growth of the company” and the partners a Merry Christmas this way. They were mostly designers who cooperated with Effetto Luce to achieve many great projects all around the world. The company wanted to give them as a gift a week-end in Recanati, to let them discover; many of them didn’t know the town and were enchanted by its beauty, its cultural heritage and its theatre that is one of the most beautiful of Marche. The show, created by Piero Cesanelli (artistic director of Musicultura) and entitled “Scalinatella”, proposed an emotional journey through the Neapolitan music: it went from the villanellas of XVII century to the first tarantellas, then to nowadays both classical song and rock blues, covering the big themes: Naples, America and the job search, love, underworld, lost innocence. On the stage musicians, actors and narrator alternated, that entertained the guests.
Vanni Elisei, chairman of the company, introduced the evening with a thought for the victims of Corinaldo and their families, with a general applause for them. For the Deputy Mayor Bravi, who spoke on behalf of the Municipality, Effetto Luce represents an excellence for the territory of Recanati, where there are many small and medium-sized enterprises, and it is significant that a private company chooses the city theatre for its activity; Mr. Bravi whished that other local entrepreneurs take this as an example.
This is not the first initiative of Vanni Elisei, who has often organized events inviting guests from all over Italy and has been working for the promotion of the territory since a long time.

The Kammer Festival at Effetto Luce Terrace

Il Resto del Carlino – 26 June 2018

Kammer Festival, the Saxophones went sold out

It was a sold out opening for the Kammer Festival “Sounds… beyond the Hedge” organised by the “B. Gigli” City Music school and by the Municipality of Recanati, with the artistic direction of Ilaria Baleani. At 7.30pm, the romantic hour of sunset, in an exclusive location such as Effetto Luce Terrace with entrance from Piazza Leopardi, that was specifically opened by the owner Vanni Elisei, the “G. Rossini” Saxophones Orchestra started to play; a very special orchestra composed of the 12 best students of saxophone from Conservatorio of Pesaro, that the City Music school signed an agreement with last year. The next event will be on stage on July 20th at the garden of Palazzo Dalla Casapiccola “Best students of Royal College of Music of London”.